1st Anniversary Red Dress, Bow


A special outfit to commemorate the 1st anniversary of nuiMOs, a “cute” fashion model from the stuffed animal world. It is a color dress decorated with ribbons. 2-color organza with a gorgeous flared dress layered on satin fabric. It has a very delicate sheen that softly reflects the light! Satin ribbon adorned tiers add volume to the dress. It is lovely and glamorous. When you wear a glitter double bow, the coordinated look is complete! Let’s celebrate the 1st anniversary by dressing up daringly pretty.


Double Bow: length about 6 × width 7,5×thickness 1.5 (cm) Dress: length about 15 × width 21.5×thickness 4 (cm) Package:length about 25 × width 17 × thickness 3.7(cm)


Release Date

Japan: November 1, 2019

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.