2020 New Year Navy Kimono, Pant, Scarf, Sandals


Haori hakama set in dark blue. Introducing a costume exclusively for the “cool and cute” fashion model “nuiMOs” in the stuffed toy world. A fashionable Japanese-style kimono with a clean white kimono, a navy blue vertical striped hakama, and a haori of the same color as the hakama. The scarf and setta accessories that add a sense of elegance in a casual atmosphere shine. Let’s celebrate the New Year by dressing up in a crispy horse riding hakama!


Haori: Length about 9 x Width 13.5 x Thickness 2 (cm) Kimono & Hakama: Length about 11.5 x Width 13 x Thickness 2 (cm) Scarf: Length about 23 x Width 2.2 x Thickness 0.8 (cm) Setta with socks (each ) ): Height approx. 3 x width 4 x depth 5.2 (cm)


Main body material (polyester, cotton, wool, nylon) / Brahma (polypropylene)

Release Date

Japan: December 3, 2019

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.