Cruella Leather Jacket, Skirt, Bow


Your Disney nuiMOs plush can show off their individual sense of style with this outfit that’s inspired by Disney’s live-action film Cruella. With the movie set in 1970s London during the height of the punk rock revolution, this Faux Leather Jacket with Skirt and Bow captures the time and fashions perfectly.


Jacket: Length 7.5 x Width 13 x Thickness 2 (cm) Skirt: Length 7 x Width 11 x Thickness 2 (cm) Headdress: Length 6 x Width 7.5 x Thickness 1 (cm)


Main body material (polyester)

Release Date

United States: June 7, 2021
Japan: June 7, 2021
Europe: June 7, 2021

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.