Let’s Go T-Shirt, Pants, Hat


Light outfit, perfect for summer! Gray knit t-shirt with “Let’s Go” graphic and khaki green shorts, and a Panama straw boat style hat with black band completes this look. Great for the beach, festival, or day at the park!


Kankan hat: Height 3 × Diameter 9 (cm) T-shirt: Vertical 5.5 × Width 10 × Thickness 1.5 (cm) Pants: Vertical 6 × Width 10 × Thickness 1.5 (cm)


Release Date

United States: March 1, 2021
Japan: June 26, 2019
Hong Kong: March 1, 2021
Shanghai: March 1, 2021
Europe: March 1, 2021


Country: United States, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Europe
Details: Sisal straw golf style hat.

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.