Striped Shirt, Yellow Cardigan, Skirt, Bag


Bright yellow cardigan is the main set. It is a costume only for the “cool cute” fashion model “nuiMOs” of the stuffed toy world. An adult casual set with a border pattern docking dress that matches well with the yellow cardigan on the shoulder and a leather style bag. You can enjoy the girl fashion that you are familiar with!


Dress: 10 vertical × 11.5 horizontal × 1.5 thickness (cm) Shoulder cardigan: 4.5 × 8.5 × 2.5 thick (cm) Bag: vertical 3 × width 4.3 × thickness 0.5 (cm) / handle (length of the top of the handbag): 1.5 (cm)


Release Date

Japan: April 2, 2019

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.