Trench Coat, Tie, Shirt, Suspenders, Pants


Stylish trench coat style. Introducing a costume exclusively for the “cool and cute” fashion model “nuiMOs” in the stuffed toy world. A blue shirt and striped tuck pants match the fashionable trench coat in exquisite colors. The tie that creates a solid feeling and the oversized pants give the impression of being comfortable. It’s a stuffed toy fashion with small techniques such as suspenders shining!


Coat: Length 12 x Width 12 x Thickness 2 (cm) Tie & Shirt: Length 6 x Width 11 x Thickness 2.5 (cm) Suspenders & Pants: Length 10.5 x Width 10 x Thickness 3 (cm)


Main body material (polyester / cotton / synthetic leather (polyurethane)) / button (polyester resin)

Release Date

Japan: February 4, 2020

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.