White Blazer, T-Shirt, Gingham Skirt, Shoes


Sporty, flirty, and vintage coordinating set featuring jacket, shirt, skirt, and sneakers. This set includes a crisp white blazer jacket with embroidered buttons. A basic white knitted t-shirt is perfect for mixing and matching with other outfits. The red and white gingham skirt adds a vintage touch to this coordinating set. Sporty Sneakers with screen art detailing make it the perfect outfit for a springtime stroll. Jacket, shirt, skirt, and shoes fit any Disney nuiMOs plush (sold separately)


Jacket: H12 x W7.5cm approx. T-shirt: H9 x W5cm approx. Skirt: H14 x W8cm approx.


Polyester, Cotton

Release Date

United States: March 1, 2021
Hong Kong: March 1, 2021
Shanghai: March 1, 2021
Europe: March 1, 2021

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.