Wilderness T-Shirt, Brimmer Hat, Sandals


Disney nuiMOs colorful outdoor set that’s guaranteed to brighten up their wardrobe. Set includes wilderness graphic t-shirt, wide brim hat with a red satin ribbon, purple denim shorts with embroidered detailing, and multicolor strap sandals. The colors of this set are reminiscent of the Disney/Pixar Up Wildnerness Explorer hat.


T-Shirt: length of about 5 × horizontal 9 × thickness 2 (cm) Shorts: length of about 4.2 × horizontal 8 × thickness 1.5 (cm) Hat: height of about 3 × width 11 × depth 10 (cm) Sandals (each): Height Approximately 1.2 x width 4 x depth 5 (cm)


Polyester, Cotton

Release Date

United States: June 7, 2021
Japan: June 7, 2021
Hong Kong: June 7, 2021
Europe: June 7, 2021

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.