Windbreaker, T-Shirt, Pants, Leggings, Bag


Casual style recommended for outdoor scenes. Introducing costumes exclusively for the “nuiMOs” fashion model, a “cool and cute” stuffed animal world. A plain T-shirt and pants style with a firm windbreaker jacket and sakosh licks. The layered leggings add a touch of style. The styling is perfect for the day you want to be active! The simple items are included in the set, so please enjoy coordinating them with your own items.


Jacket: Vertical approximately 15 x horizontal 12.5 x thickness 3 (cm) T-shirt: Vertical approximately 6 x horizontal 10 x thickness 2 (cm) Pants: Vertical approximately 6 x horizontal 9.5 x thickness 2 (cm) Leggings: Vertical approximately 6 x horizontal 9 x thickness 1.5 (cm) Sacoche: vertical 11 x width 5.5 x thickness 0.2 (cm)


Main body material (nylon, cotton, polyester)/Button (nylon)

Release Date

Japan: June 12, 2020

Information and Image Credit: Official Shop Disney Website.